The "Our Farm" Story


Our Farm's Phase 2 Mission involves helping horses and humans bond together through a nurture and be nurtured philosophy and mentorship with the launch of our S.T.A.R. Initiative - Students Taking Action for Rescues. By partnering with other equestrian organizations, professionals, and advisors who align with our mission, Our Farm has developed a hands-on working student program which enables Our Farm to provide the resources and training  needed to increase and expedite transiitoning at-risk horses into best suited forever homes. 

Our Farm's Phase 1 Mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and retrain at risk horses facing neglect, abuse and possible slaughter and provide them with the best opportunity for a permanent home with a lifetime of love and safety. 

Changing the Face & Future of Horses in Transition

Throughout her career, Sharon has earned the respect of her colleagues through her innovative approach, hard work, and passion. She has worked and ridden horses all her life riding hunters and jumpers. Sharon now shares her love with her11 year old daughter, Lily.

From business colleagues, non-profit executives, and friends, Sharon has received an unanimous support and affirmation that she has what it takes to make this equine rescue successful and sustainable. Sharon counts on her expertise, dedication, and reputation to exceed expectations to save, rehabilitate, and rehome horses, while continuously improving, growing, and connecting Our Farm with the horse community and general public.

Sharon Kress, founder of OFER, has had an extensive and successful career in launching start-ups, sponsorships, strategic marketing and sales.


It is personal... it is a life long dream to combat animal cruelty while embracing our passion for horses. This is the reason we created Our Farm Equine Rescue (OFER). We are are a 501(c)3 nonprofit equine rescue and rehabilitation organization. We save horses from neglect, abuse, owner surrender, and feedlot auctions where they can end up going to slaughter. Our focus is local within Fairfield and Westchester Counties, however we extend our resources  to other areas who have horses in immediate need of rescue. 

Some say don't make this personal. Some say keep it all business... but that is just impossible.

The S.T.A.R. Initiative: Students Taking Action for Rescues

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