Barney - ADOPTED!

Barney is a 7 year pony gelding. He had spent his entire life in a 15 acre pasture living off grass and a stream with his two offspring. He was unbroken and barely handled. Barney was recently broke to ride and is doing great in training. He loves his new job under saddle. He loads onto a trailer and enjoys baths! We are working on him respecting human personal space but he has become increasingly affectionate everyday and loves the attention of being groomed. He has a great temperament and brain. After only three days ever being in a stall, Barney stood quietly in his stall while I pulled that wild main of his and never moved other than to nuzzle me.

Barney's "AFTER" photos... within just weeks, Barney rehabilitation is going well at Our Farm!

Barney's "BEFORE" photos when he was living wild in Weston, CT