We can’t save them all but we can save many. Fairfield, CT and Westchester, NY counties represent two of the most affluent and equestrian based areas in the country, yet there is a lack of a substantial presence of equine rescues. Situating Our Farm Equine Rescue in one of the most affluent, most engaged, and the most talented enclave of horse enthusiasts makes it unique positioned to leverage this community.  Our Farm is requesting support from this special community to ensure we can be effective in saving a horse's life and provide them with loving, safe, and happy futures.

Utilizing a specialized nurture and rehabilitation program, we will bring these horses back to health and get them to their peak ability – transforming many of these horses into viable candidates for adoption.

Every time I see a photo, or read an article, or watch a video...

... of a starving, abused, or a horse standing in a crowded slaughter pen awaiting a life or death decision.

Knowing these horses are helpless victims who deserve a loving and productive life drives me to make my dream into a reality...now.

It may be shocking to realize that within this same area there are many horses who are neglected, abused, starving and many even facing slaughter.

Horse industry experts have identified there are well over 170,000 unwanted horses currently in the United States. While the government banned american slaughter houses back in 2007, it has not alleviated american feedlots which still auction horses on a weekly basis. Horses in this predicament are shipped to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered for animal/human consumption in other countries. In most cases, these horses have lived as someone’s riding partner, companion, athlete, worker, and friend — NONE OF THEM (as no animal should ever endure this type of inhumane demise) deserve to be jammed into crowded trailers and transported to a processing facility with a life ending electric bolt driven into their heads. Death is not necessarily painless nor immediate as many of the horses move around in terror, preventing the bolt to be injected accurately. And this is just one horrific scenario. There are numerous cases of abuse, neglect, and owner surrender situations that jeopardize horses lives everyday.

Today there are more unwanted horses than there are volunteers and facilities. Our Farm's mission depends on your assistance and generosity.  Presently there is a significant lack of enough equine rescues in Fairfield, CT and Westchester, NY counties. Your contribution will provide help to horses in need right here in our community.

Rescue/adoption facilities report they turn away an average of 38% of the horses who are brought to them due to limited funding or occupancy restrictions.

Photos on this page are not OFER rescues but are of real cases taken by other horse rescue organizations. Three photos are from cases in our area.

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